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Documentation Available

SACS provides documentation for the programs, software suites, services it provides, plus UNIX help.

Clustalw ClustalW older style multiple sequence alignment software
available both on the command line and with a web interface
EMBOSS Documentation for EMBOSS Version 6.3.1
A complete listing of the programs included in the EMBOSS sequence analysis software suite
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
GCG - EMBOSS equivalents Equivalent's table
A listing of GCG programs and their EMBOSS equivalent(s)
Multalin Multalin (a multiple alignment program using with hierarchical clustering)
Mview MVIEW (Database search and alignment postprocessor)
used together with ClustalW in web interface
This is an old version of UNIX help, but, the basics are still the same

Poster Printing How to use SACS's poster printing services
Thunderbird How to configure Thunderbird for use with SACS e-mail services

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